On paper:

Mortgage Pros is a mortgage provider, supported by Directions Equity LLC, and based in McAllen TX. We provide residential financing for the purchase or refinancing of residential real estate.

In practice:

We’re a group of highly experienced mortgage professionals. Every team member has extensive mortgage experience and expertise. So how does that relate to you? Mortgage guidelines are constantly changing. Without proper expertise, you may end up with the wrong loan. The wrong mortgage can cost you thousands over the life of the loan.

At Mortgage Pros, we know knowledge is power. That’s why we believe in advising, teaching, and helping people understand the importance of wealth building through their real estate investment. We kick start our process by analyzing re-payment methods to increase every bit of the return on your property.

You are in good hands with Mortgage Pros. We treat our customers like our neighbors, because they are. We’re a part of the RGV community, and we never forget that.